Campsite near the spa resorts of Amélie-les-Bains and Le Boulou

Special spa rates

In a four-star campsite with a pool, sports centre, and snack bar, we offer mobile homes or chalets with all modern comforts including TV and air conditioning.

Spa rate from €600: Get 3 weeks for the price of 2 (outside of July and August)

Le Boulou spa retreat

Just 3 km from the campsite is the spa resort of Le Boulou. This retreat has a temperate Mediterranean climate that allows visitors to enjoy the benefits of the spa’s setting. Nestled in the countryside, the spa is steeped in the scents of the scrubland, a mix of cork oaks, pines, and olive trees.

The spa waters of Le Boulou are renowned for aiding liver and digestive health. The resort also features medical spa treatments that improve chronic cardiovascular disorders like Raynaud’s syndrome.

Types of waters: Bicarbonated, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and carbogaseous waters, coldwaters. Very rich in mineral salts, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. They contain many trace elements, including copper, iron, nicken, manganese, silver, and fluorine.

Disorders treated

•       Cardiovascular diseases

•       Digestive ailments and metabolic disorders


Thermes d’Amélie-les-Bains

Also 15 km from the campsite is the Amelie-les-Bains spa. The Amélie-les Bains spa resort offers many treatments. Spa treatments vary based on the visitor’s ailments. The Amélie spawaters are full of sulphur and trace elements, acting directly on mucous membranes by helping regenerate them.

Types of waters: Hyperthermal, sulfurous, sodium, and chloridated waters, rich in silica

Disorders treated

  • Rheumatology and respiratory tracts